NORD Releases OS updates for Stage and Electro Series Keyboards

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NORD is releasing a series of important OS updates for the Nord Stage and Nord Electro keyboards.

In addition to fixing model specific bugs, some bugfixes apply to several products:

Piano Release: Fixes a bug that could cause the Piano engine to select the wrong velocity for Release samples.
Products affected: Nord Stage, Nord Stage EX, Nord Electro 3, Nord Electro 3 HP, Nord Electro 4

Piano Dynamics: Fixes a bug in the dynamic curves. This fix improves the sensitivity when playing soft/low velocities.
Products affected: Nord Electro 3 HP, Nord Electro 4 HP

USB MIDI: Fixes a bug where the USB MIDI interface would become unavailable after the host computer had been put to sleep mode.
Products affected: Nord Electro 4

If you are one of the owners of these keyboards, it is strongly recommended for you to do the update. You can get the update thru Nord’s official download page here –

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