Free Kurzweil Artis and PC3K Sound Editors for the iPad Now Available

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Kurzweil recently released their first sound development tool for the iPad for both Artis and PC3K keyboard/synthesizer.

The apps are developed by SoundTower Inc. More features and functions will be added in future updates. The apps are now available for the iPad only in the App Store.


Here are some of the features for both Artis and PC3K sound editors:

– Program Channel Mixer
– Editing of Program Common parameters including Insert and Aux FX selectors
– Basic Program Layer manipulation. Copy and paste of Layers from other Artis/PC3K Programs
– MIDI Continuous Controller tools and Program Info display
– Real time editing of all Artis/PC3K Setup Mode parameters
– Import of Setup Zones from other Artis/PC3K Setups
– Transmitting and receiving of Programs, Setups, FX Chains and other objects data
– On-screen keyboard
– Direct USB/MIDI connection with Apple iPad Camera Adapter
– Wireless connection possible using MIDI network

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