Arturia and Bitwig Introduces Producer Pack

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The Producer Pack combines Aturia’s KeyLab hybrid keyboard controllers and Bitwig Studio music production software.

Other than Arturia‘s KeyLab 25, 49, and 61 keyboard controllers; they also included Arturia Mini V and Analog Lab virtual synths.

Bitwig Studio is available in Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux; full version including the installation DVD and a printed manual will also be included.

Check out the Introductory video below featuring a demo song by David Westbom for Overclock, Inc.

The Producer Pack is available in three versions:

Producer Pack 25 – €349 / $349
Producer Pack 49 – €399 / $399
Producer Pack 61 – €499 / $499

Also, check out this Producer Pack tutorial by Glen Darcey, VP Product Management from Arturia.

For more info:

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