512 Free Bonus Programs for the KORG Kross Music Workstation

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Good news to the owners of Kross Music Workstation – KORG just announced a 512 free bonus programs for download.

Added into Kross are 384 diverse new sounds which features refined sensitivity or velocity dynamics, along with different EQ settings or Low Cut depth.

Plus, the collection will also include 128 sounds from the TRITON Music Workstation. You can download the free programs here – http://www.korg.com/us/products/synthesizers/kross/page_5.php

Note: Although great care was taken to preserve the original TRITON sound as closely as possible, due to the differences between the KROSS and TRITON architectures, some “TRITON” Programs may differ slightly from the original versions.

Listen to the new sounds below. What do you think?

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