Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith to Release “Euclid”

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Primarily written on a Buchla Music Easel synthesizer, Kaitlyn’s debut album “Euclid” is a collection of unique, rich and melodic sounds.

“Euclid” will be released on Jan 20th, 2015 on the Western Vinyl imprint. Check out the video for the track “Labyrinth V” below.

Also, check out this performance video while she uses the Buchla Music Easel synthesizer.

Check out “Euclid” here for more info: http://goo.gl/GGCtgZ

“Euclid” Track list
1. Careen
2. Wide Awake
3. Stunts
4. Sundry
5. Glide
6. Escapade
7. Labyrinth I
8. Labyrinth II
9. Labyrinth III
10. Labyrinth IV
11. Labyrinth V
12. Labyrinth VI
13. Labyrinth VII
14. Labyrinth VIII
15. Labyrinth IX
16. Labyrinth X
17. Labyrinth XI
18. Labyrinth XII

Visit her website at http://www.kaitlynaureliasmith.com/

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