Jordan Rudess Releases “Explorations” Orchestral Solo Album

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Keyboard virtuoso Jordan Rudess of progressive rock band Dream Theater recently released, on March 1st, 2014, his newest solo album entitled “Explorations”. Yay!

The album contains 8 tracks in total and features Polish symphonic orchestra, Sinfonietta Consonus. The “Explorations Project” was first seen in Pledge Music and has achieved a total of 941 pledgers or an exceeding 147% of its total goal. –

The album’s first three tracks – “Explorations for Keyboard and Orchestra,” his first classical composition, first came out on 2010 in Venezuela together with Chacao Youth Symphony Orchestra.

You can get his solo album “Explorations” via iTunes –
or via CDBaby –

1. Explorations for Keyboard and Orchestra: First Movement – w/ Sinfonietta Consonus
2. Explorations for Keyboard and Orchestra: Second Movement – w/ Sinfonietta Consonus
3. Explorations for Keyboard and Orchestra: Third Movement – w/ Sinfonietta Consonus
4. Screaming Head – w/ Sinfonietta Consonus
5. Shouri Now
6. The Untouchable Truth – w/ Sinfonietta Consonus
7. Over the Edge – w/ Sinfonietta Consonus
8. A Pledge to You

Also, Jordan wrote on his official website and tells the story on how the “Explorations” came to be. You can read his entry here –

And, watch this short video he just uploaded, after the European leg of Dream Theater’s “Along For The Ride World Tour”, in his official channel on signing (..and he’s left-handed like me!) of “Explorations” CDs and DVDs which will be shipped to all the pledgers in his PledgeMusic campaign.

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